SMARG HERBS enjoys a distinguished geographical location that qualifies it to compete strongly in the global market for medicinal plants , aromatics, spices and herbs.

    We are able to fulfill all the requirements of our customers in terms of ..
  • - Natural agriculture free of any harmful pesticides or pests.
  • -Natural sun drying and industrial drying.
  • - Equipping with the latest production lines.
  • - Packaging with special specifications according to each customer's request.

  • - Storage using the best means of sterilization and fumigation to preserve the basic properties of the plant and not to be exposed to pests and insects and under the appropriate temperature for the plants..

Each of the above is done under a single roof, with a single, sub specific management, homogeneous ideas, given the vast area of cultivated areas which is more than 20000 square meters away from a population without any contamination.

SMARG HERBS TEAM WORK is waiting for your visit ..