About us

development stages

We are originally one of the leading producers of medicinal plants, aromatics, spices and herbs in Egypt. We have the capabilities, technological means and the vast cultivated areas that qualify us to open up to the global market and export with the highest quality. Our experience in this field exceeds fifty years.

Our company is one of the leaders in manufacturing and supplying medicinal and aromatic plants to companies operating in the local market and eligible for export .. So we took the export step ourselves so that we could provide the best quality at the best competitive price.

We are ready to receive our customers to follow the entire production process, starting from the growth of plants in the ground, then collecting plants, followed by preparing for manufacturing, after that the stages of manufacturing and finally packaging ..

Our company is located in the midst of vast areas of cultivation devoid of inhabitants, which distinguishes us from the rest of the companies operating in the same field, because our location is free from pollution which helps us to dry plants naturally free of any pollution, and you can confirm this by entering our website on Google Maps

SMARG HERBS is an ambitious and promising company in the global market for medicinal plants , aromatics, spices and herbs that relies on credibility and commitment to its contracts with all customers .